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Saturday, January 8, 2022

Humble Politiciann Nograj Voot Web series Full & Honest Review

Humble Politiciann Nograj Voot Web series Full & Honest Review

Quick Glance

Director: Saad Khan

Writers: Saad Khan(screenplay) Danish Sait(story) Vamsidhar Bhogaraju(dialogue)

Stars: Danish Sait Sumukhi Suresh Sruthi Hariharan

IMBD Rating: 7.1/10

Gener: Comedy Drama

Story Line & Review

Humble Politician Nograj by Voot Select is a fantastic idea for a streaming series. Based on Danish Sait's hilarious character Nograj, which he originally developed for radio, then made into the award-winning 2018 Kannada comedy film of the same name, and is now a 10-episode online series, it's simply one of the funniest things to come out of the Indian streaming arena. 

The series continues the hilariously irritating actions of the morally bankrupt goofy crooked cartoon Nograj, just like the movie. Also, don't worry if you haven't watched the movie; this is a stand-alone series. 

The same award-winning writer-director team that brought us the 2018 film returns for the new show, with Danish acting as a writer with his co-writer Saad Khan, who also returns as director. Many of the same major cast members return, including my particular favorite, Manjunath, Nograj's adorably devoted sidekick, and personal punching bag, portrayed by a hilarious Vijay Chendur. 

I also enjoy how, similar to the 2018 film, they kept the show bouncing between languages, but mostly in Kannada, rather than succumbing to the constraints of "Hindi-fying" it for a wider audience. It gives the humor a lot of depth while still making it approachable. After a time, you don't even notice the subtitles in the thick of the laugh-a-minute humor. 

Nograj breaks the fourth wall and tells us that he should definitely shoot a dog since that's how Sacred Games started and because he wants to follow the "Indian web series model" and offer people the random violence they need. The series chronicles all of the drama surrounding the elections for Chief Minister of Karnataka over the course of 10 episodes. 

Nograj is a member of the OBP, or One Big Party, and is attempting to build a coalition with the FRP, or Family Run Party, to take on the MSP, or Most Secular Party, led by KGB, or Krishna Gundu Bala. Guys, I had a blast putting this performance together! Humble Politician Nograj is a delightful, comic accomplishment that wears its wackiness on its sleeve, as you'd expect. 


This is self-aware, unapologetically ridiculous comedy at its best. However, it's amusing without being mindless. Even at its most absurd, the exaggerated animation packaging makes it real as we see Nograj and his colleagues greedy, idiotic, buffoonish guys in positions of power cheat, plan, plot, backstab and double-cross their way to the top. 

All the while, Paid News TV, the main media news network, is covering their political battles. And, of course, there's a cutting satire on the vast Indian political circus behind the numerous chuckles. "We're no longer simply politicians; we're now part-time YouTubers," Nograj remarks at one point. I'll leave the rest up to you to figure out and enjoy for yourself. 

Aside from the smart writing, Danish Sait's captivating lunacy propels Humble Politician Nograj forward. He understands this character well and out and completely owns the ridiculousness with his particular style and mannerisms, perfectly balancing the act of all the comedy turmoil while never letting us forget that none of this is any wilder than real life. 

Many of the jokes are undoubtedly low-hanging fruit, such as picking on some characters' terrible English, but Danish and the actors deliver them with such sincere conviction that you can't help but chuckle. KGB is played by the legendary Prakash Belawadi, who plays Nogaraj's bumbling tantrum-throwing opposing leader with utmost conviction. 

Great comedy is achieved when a tragic foolish character is played for laughs rather than with pure dramatic conviction, which is precisely what he does. 


Geetanjali Kulkarni as the party leader attempting to work with a bunch of idiotic men, Varun Thakur as the FRP's reluctant man-child leader uninterested in a life of politics, and Tiku Talsania as the hilarious Prime Minister who, at one point, goes on an Into the Wild-style nature survival show with someone named Turtle John because all he wants to do is watch gorillas mate, are among the show's many hilarious supporting characters. 

There's also a bunch of Russian mafia in the mix somewhere else, because why not? Dimitri, or D Murthy as he's known around here, is in charge. Even if the program doesn't make you laugh every episode, the continual energy, snappy pacing, and series of pop-culture allusions on anything from Game of Thrones to Stranger Things to the Coronavirus and beyond keep it going. 

As a result, even if it's not laugh-out-loud humorous, it's always entertaining. Humble Politician Nograj is also one of the few Indian streaming series that has so far lived up to its ten-episode duration. It maintains a fairly steady intensity throughout, unlike many comedies, which have peaks and valleys. 

Moreover, aside from the chuckles, I loved that there is an actual narrative to invest in, in terms of the upcoming elections, twists, and turns, and cheeky cliffhangers along the way, rather than a collection of haphazardly sewn together gags.


Finally, I can say that Humble Politician Nograj is a scathing satire and an exceptionally bold production. I could tell you that there's an art to well-crafted dazzling hilarity, which this series masters without ever being irritating or loud. 

I could tell you that Nograj is a bloody captivating comedy character who I'd gladly watch for as many seasons as they decide to make. But, more than anything else, in a time when uncertainty, worry, and anxiety are on the rise, Humble Politician Nograj made me laugh...a lot. 

At a time when I'm more aware than ever of the worth of genuine, unfiltered, unashamed, shameless laughter. I genuinely hope it has the same effect on you. On Voot Select, you may and should watch Humble Politician Nograj.


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