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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Scream (2022) Hollywood Movie Honest and No spoiler Review

Scream (2022) Hollywood Movie Honest and No spoiler Review

Quick Glance

Directors: Matt Bettinelli-Olpin Tyler Gillett

Writers: James Vanderbilt(screenplay) Guy Busick(screenplay) Kevin Williamson(characters created by)

Stars: Neve Campbell Courteney Cox David Arquette

IMBD Rating: 7.3/10

Gener: Horror Mystery Thriller

Movie Outline & Full Review

Let’s begin this new year with a 25-year-old franchise! This new SCREAM is coming out in theaters, it has been exactly 25 years and 25 days since the original was released in December of 1996. It has become an old franchise and doing something fresh and exciting with the trademark meta nature of these movies isn’t that easy. 

After the first trilogy, it took eleven years for a fourth one, which as far as I can remember I still enjoyed quite a bit. And now it took another eleven years for the fifth installment. Initially, it was planned to start a second trilogy with SCREAM 4, but while the movie did okay at the box office, it didn’t do nearly as great as they expected and when director and horror icon Wes Craven died in 2015, it seemed to be the end of it. 

But if we know one thing when it comes to movies, franchises, horror, and nostalgia – it’s that it’s never truly over. So here we are once again. With the original writer Kevin Williamson acting as producer, this new version was written by James Vanderbilt and Guy Busick and directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, who made the pretty decent horror-comedy READY OR NOT a few years ago. 

Now without further ado. This is a pretty neat sequel that certainly delivers on the things that make SCREAM so much fun. It features a nice new ensemble cast playing a group of friends in which once again, everybody is a suspect. And the movie is able to keep that tension and mystery alive until the very end. 

I think there’s not a single character, well with the exception of our old ones, who I didn’t think at one point could be Ghostface. And from the get-go, the movie and the characters themselves are playing with this notion, that it could be anyone. 

And the playful, meta-commentary on the horror genre and the particular rules that apply are of course front and center again. This time around it’s not a sequel, not a trilogy, not a pseudo remake, but a so-called re-quell. A kind of remake or reboot, that’s also continuing the story and therefore a sequel. 

With STAR WARS, JURASSIC PARK, or when it comes to horror, the 2018 HALLOWEEN or last year’s CANDYMAN – it was only logical to go this path. That’s also why in this case I can very much excuse or even enjoy the decision to not name this SCREAM 5 but just SCREAM. 

And while it doesn’t neglect the existence of the previous sequels, like HALLOWEEN did, it nevertheless is all about the original and the legacy of that one’s characters. Similar to Wes Craven’s other iconic horror film A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, the SCREAM movies are very much about the past. 

Specifically sins from the past and how they have consequences for the present. How the things that one’s parents did or were involved in are coming back to haunt you. And that’s also what’s happening in this newest one. Our new main protagonist Sam, played by Melissa Barrera, is returning to Woodsboro when this new Ghostface emerges and she, too has to address old secrets and wounds. 

And then we of course also get our so-called legacy characters returning. Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, and David Arquette are all back and I can’t lie that the movie certainly had some surprisingly touching moments for me. 


And like I said earlier, the new cast is also doing a fine job and I was specifically entertained by Jack Quaid’s charming performance as the boyfriend Richie. But where the movie really shines and where I think it’s gaining a whole new, wonderful layer, is in its climax. In that final reveal. When we find out what was really going on all the time. 

Those scenes were always among the absolute highlights of these movies and without spoiling anything, I was enjoying the living hell out of the angle they picked for this one. I really wasn’t expecting that they would be able to come up with a fresh take on this whole concept and do something equally pointed and funny with it. 

Bottomline & Score

Overall, this is a pretty good SCREAM film and I only really have some minor issues with it. For once I honestly didn’t find most of the kills and the sequences leading up to them all that exciting, terrifying… or fun. 

It can be very graphical and brutal but I think it’s more about the way the movie is shot. It’s totally fine and functional, but also just a little bit bland. I missed that certain cinematic touch. The atmosphere isn’t all that dense either and the jump scares, Ghostface appearing all of a sudden, are fairly predictable or all too familiar. 

The same goes for the music, which is mostly just fine and functional as well. And this might be a nitpick, but it bothered me nonetheless. It happens very early on, so it’s really not a spoiler at all. But there’s one CGI or de-aged character, that to me looked just very fake and off-putting. 

The idea behind it is alright but also a bit too on the nose and I just don’t think it was necessary. I also think it doesn’t make that much sense that that character would see that person that way. But none of my criticism really hurt my overall enjoyment too much and while I honestly wasn’t really that much looking forward to a new SCREAM, in the end, it was a surprisingly nice revisit of the franchise. 

So in general I’d say: I give SCREAM 7 out of 10. It’s more like 7.4 but I don’t do that. Alright, that’s it. Like always, comment below and let me know what you think about the new SCREAM.


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