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Sunday, December 19, 2021

Pushpa Allu Arjun Movie Honest and Full Review: Bollywood Masala

Pushpa Allu Arjun Movie Honest and Full Review
pic credit: The Indian Express

At a Glance

Director: Sukumar

Writers: Sukumar(story) Srikanth Vissa(dialogue)

Stars: Allu Arjun Fahadh Faasil Rashmika Mandanna

IMBD Ratings: 8.0/10

Popularity: 2936

Gener: Action Adventure Crime

StoryLine & Review

One of my favorite directors is Sukumar. His films are commercially successful, yet his protagonists are generally anti-heroes with unusual personalities. His stories have fantastic arcs, and his heroes have obvious physical and psychological defects. Regardless of who stars in his films, the plot always takes center stage. 

The Movie Pushpa, written and directed by Sukumar and starring Allu Arjun, Rashmika Mandana, Sunil, and Fahad Fasel, is out this week. Pushpa Raj is a daily wage laborer who grew up as an unmarried child, yet he is street smart and resourceful. 

He gets involved in illegal red sandalwood smuggling in the SeishaChalam forest area and, as the title suggests, rises to the top of the game, fighting out against syndicates that export red sandalwood all over the world. Pushpa has an impressive cast and staff, including DSP's soundtrack and ram Lakshman and Peter Hain's stunts. 

Then there's cinematographer Miloslo Brozek's cinematography. Pushpa has a strong supporting cast as well. Sunil and Ajay Ghosh both shine like the dawn of the smuggling market. However, the pleasant surprise in the film is Jagdish's performance as Pushpa's friend Keshava, who nails the diction and garners all of the film's chuckles. 

And, of course, there's red sandalwood itself. The red sandalwood has been designated as a critically endangered species. It is prized all over the world, although it can only be found in Andhra Pradesh's forests. Harvesting takes roughly 30 years, and it's the most trafficked item in Andhra Pradesh. It is lawful to plant red sandalwood, but it is forbidden to tear it down. 


However, the film just briefly mentions these special characteristics of red sandalwood. This is understandable given the film's portrayal of Allu Arjun as a leading man. Unfortunately, the story of Sukumar's strength appears to be faltering with Pushpa. Take the protagonist, for example, who is a champion from the first frame and rarely loses. 

He has a knack for getting out of sticky situations. He's a cool odo who never loses his calm. He is not only omnipresent but also omnipotent and omniscient. So it's no surprise that he gets a Maruti Suzuki Omni as his first car. 

This is technically Sukumar's best effort. S Ramakrishna and Monica Nigotri's production design, which succeeded to reproduce seishachalam from the 1990s, is excellent, as is Miroslav Brozek's camera work. It's commendable that they were able to hit the target without revealing a gold spot. But it's the film's Pushpa spacing that lets it down. 

The picture, which runs for three hours, features a slew of villains who are conveniently dispatched when the storyline requires them. Pushpa's method of defeating them one by one isn't particularly ingenious. Some of the action sequences are particularly memorable. 

Consider the scenes in which Pushpa must dispose of tonnes of sandalwood before a police raid and another in which he must confront groups of crooks while blindfolded. However, the rest of the sequences appear to be extended slo-mo montages, with DSP's background score being eardrum-shattering rather than mind-blowing. 

The picture also needs excellent editing, but these are purely technical considerations; there is no emotional connection to the story or its characters. Fahad Fassel, whose role was highly anticipated, appears to be set aside for the sequel. 

In the role of the cheerful love interest, Rashmika Mandana manages to stand out. While Sukumar's films are typically classy, her character's scripting appears to be a coming of cleavage role that is unneeded and awkward in some parts. 

In the film, Allu Arjun is incredibly watchable, and he is the single reason you are prepared to overlook the plot and spacing holes. My only wish was that the director had given him more room to breathe, emote, and shine in the role. Red sandalwood is exotic and gorgeous, but it does not have the same scent as regular sandalwood. Sukumar's Pushpa falls into the same category. 

It looks fantastic, but it lacks Sukumar's touch. However, it provides excellent fan service and, if you're looking for a cinematic experience, it delivers. However, just like the sandalwood smugglers, someone had to come to a big axe and chop down the film quickly.



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