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Friday, December 24, 2021

Atrangi Re Bollywood Movie Full and Honest Review| Akshay Kumar: Bollywood Masala

Quick Glance

Director: Aanand L. Rai

Writer: Himanshu Sharma

Stars: Akshay Kumar Dhanush Sara Ali Khan

IMBD Rating: 7.7/10

Gener: Comedy Drama Romance

Storyline & Movie Review

The thing about filmmaker Aanand L Rai and writer Himanshu Sharma that I love is their willingness to take risks. They actively flirt with the ludicrous in their attempt to build soaring, sweeping, emotional tales. They don't look down to see if there's a safety net, like fearless trapeze artists. This is both a benefit and a drawback. 

You may recall their most recent collaboration, Zero, in which the plot starts in Meerut and ends up on Mars. Atrangi Re and Zero share the same DNA. They invent a love triangle that isn't what it appears to be. The plot twists and turns in surprising ways. 

It travels across the country, touching on a variety of topics such as groom kidnapping in Bihar, honour killing, mental illness, and magic. The transformational power of love is the subject of this film. Aanand and Himanshu honour the purity of feeling as well as the allure of being atrangi, or unconventional. 

The goal is admirable, but the execution is a mess. The film's tone is fanciful in nature. Sajjad, played by Akshay Kumar, is a magician whose signature trick is setting himself on fire. Some scenes take place in a circus. He tries to make the Taj Mahal vanish in one scene. 


Aanand and Himanshu aren't big on logic, so having a character who is a conjurer allows them a little more leeway. The scenes with Sajjad have a fairy-tale aspect to them. Pankaj Kumar, who previously filmed the magnificent Tumbbad, shot the cinematography, which makes the lights and colours leap off the screen. 

Rinku, a fiery, headstrong girl who is forcibly married off by her family to a stranger, is no exception to the flamboyance. The next morning, she asks him his name. Rinku is impulsive and aggressive, tossing soda bottles in her introductory scene, but she is also lost. Her parents passed away when she was a small child. She's always craved affection as a child. 

Vishu, her husband, tries to repair her scars. Though the rapidity with which he recovers from his kidnapping and begins to care for his new wife is remarkable. This is the storey of a love so strong that it defies the boundaries of reality and illusion. The problem is that the film is unable to rise beyond its own strangeness. 

A more intricate subject necessitated both sharper writing and a lighter touch. It also necessitated a far deeper understanding of mental disorders. 'I'm a psychiatrist,I am familiar with females' says Vishu's pal Madhu over and over again. 

He casually groups together schizophrenics, bipolar disorder patients, and others in one setting. It's a naive and potentially harmful portrayal. Despite the fact that the film is centred on Sara Ali Khan, Dhanush is the one who does the majority of the work. Comedy, desire, desperation, impatience, and heartbreak are all effectively handled by the actor. 

Vishu rants to Rinku in Tamil, and it's a lovely scenario. Many of us, including her, don't comprehend what he's saying, but his eyes reveal the depth of his emotions and agony. Dhanush is a fantastic actor. Vishu is shattering bottles on his head to display his affection, despite Aanand and Himanshu once again pushing the actor into Raanjhanaa stalker area. 

Some of it is even played for laughs. Mental disease is also a factor. Sara Ali Khan approaches her part with honesty, but it's a difficult one to master. Rinku is dealing with a variety of challenges, including emotional abuse from her family. 

However, the film's portrayal of these concerns downplays the significance of her situation. Rinku appears to be the love child of Jab We Met's Geet and Judgementall hai Kya  Bobby Batliwala Grewal. 

Sara also has to up the glam factor, so she dances like a dream in the wonderful 'Chaka Chak' song and wears Manish Malhotra-designed lehenga cholis throughout the film, revealing her toned abs. Meanwhile, the Bihari accent, like the terms, comes and goes. Her visage reflects the tension in times of high intensity. 


Like a celestial saviour, Akshay Kumar helicopters in and out of the drama. He doesn't have to do anything more than turn on his elder statesman charm. Despite the plot's major surprise, there are scenes that imply to romance between him and Sara that are unsettling to watch due to the 28-year age difference between the two stars. 

A. R. Rahman is the true star of Atrangi Re. His wonderful tunes, particularly 'Rait Zara Si,' help to smooth out the story's many bumps. 'Sapne size dekh kar nahin aate,' says Shah Rukh Khan's character Bauaa Singh in Zero. Like that film, you can sense the director's intention and commitment to huge dreams here. However, it does not translate.


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